Do-it-yourself Solar

Self-install or DIY solar can save anywhere from $5000 to $15000 for a home-owner who is willing to spend some time managing the project. 

A lot of our customers have figured how to save an average of $10,000 by managing the installation of their solar power systems with SolyMoly's help. All they require is some extra help for part of the installation. Most have an electrician, or other professional do the wiring and metering into the house. The more you do yourself; the less expensive the whole thing will be. We are one of the nation's fastest-growing solar panel distributor that we can offer much lower rates and much more extensive selection of panels than your regular solar contractors

Did you know that most solar companies take six months before your system is approved and usable? At SolyMoly, we can help you get everything done in 6-8 weeks through superior engineering, first-time permit approval and a system plan drawing that is specified to the bolt

There is a team of experienced solar folks here at SolyMoly who would love to help you through the process. We will lead you step-by-step through the process leaving you to wonder how simple it was to save $10,000 and get free electricity for life

Step 1: Get your electricity bill ready and call us at 1-866-636-3040 or email us at
Step 2: Our experts will discuss your budget and assess roof suitability from satellite images
Step 3: Our engineering team will design the solar panel layout and propose system configuration options along with cost options

Step 4: Once you decide on the system option, we will take care of the detailed permit plans and all paperwork needed to get approval - structural and electrical, stamped by professional engineers
Step 5: Once approval is received, we will ship the system to your house

Step 6: We need to mount these panels on the roof and to be wired by a certified electrician. We can refer from our pre-negotiated network of install experts, or you can find from many on Craigslist. It is much cheaper to consult people who do this job alone

Step 7: Schedule inspections and turn it on post-approval

By letting SolyMoly handle the first five steps, and you were managing this project in stages, a typical homeowner saves more than $10,000. SolyMoly's Design, Sales and Engineering crew will back you up all the way, from sizing and engineering your system, choosing components, to getting it up and running.