150 Watt 12V Poly Solar Panel

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Off Grid Solar Panels

SolyMoly solar panels are ideal for use in OFF GRID applications. Thase panels are great for charging your 12 or 24 volt batteries. They are useful for supplying household power for small appliances in your cabin, cottage, or even RV! And with a deep cycle battery, it's great for backup power in the event the grid goes down - to power small electric devices you'll need until power is restored - like tools, fans, radios or cell phones.


  • Off-grid power for cabins, vacation homes, RVs, campers, remote monitoring systems, and remote villages
  • Solar water pumping and solar-powered refrigerators
  • Remote WiFi and wireless repeaters
    Peak Power 150 Watts
    Nominal Voltage 12 V
    Voltage at Max Power (Vmp) 18.01 V
    Current at Max Power (Imp) 8.33 A
    Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 22.32 V
    Short Circuit Current (Isc) 8.86 A
    Max System Voltage 600 Vdc
    Module Efficiency 15.6%
    Dimensions 58.3" x 26.4" x 1.38"
    (1480 x 670 x 35 mm)
    Weight 25.3 lbs (11.5kg)
    Connectors/Cables MC4 Compatible Connector Cables
    Number of Cells 36 Polycrystalline cells
    Operating Temperature Range -40°C to + 85°
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