1.8 KW Grid-Tied system with battery back-up

Save $2,652.22

Grid Tie with Battery Back-Up
1.8 kW Solar Home System

The performance of each solar home system will vary greatly based on the location where it is installed. 

Grid-Tied 1.8kW Home Solar System with Battery Back Up Includes:
Item Description Quantity
Canadian Solar 300 Watt Mono Solar Panel 6
50' H4 Connector Cable
#10 AWG
Disconnect Key for Solar Panel Connector Cables 1
IronRidge XR100 Rail, 
11 Feet, Mill Finish
IronRidge End Cap for XR-100 Rails 4
IronRidge Splice Kit for XR-100 Rails 2
Ironridge Slotted L-Foot for XR Rails (4 Pack) - NO hardware 3
Ironridge Square Bonding Hardware for L-Foot Kit (4 Pack) 3
Ironridge UFO Stopper End Clamp Kit (4 Pack) 1
Ironridge UFO Mid Clamp Kit (4 Pack) 4
IronRidge Grounding Lug w/Hardware, 2pk 1
Midnite Solar MNPV6 Disconnecting Combiner Box 1
1/2" Strain Relief 2 Round Holes/Locknut 3
Midnite Solar 15A Din Rail Breaker, 150VDC 2
Midnite Solar Surge Protection Device - 300V 3
Conext XW + Power Distribution Panel 1
Xantrex XW 60A MPPT Charge Controller 1
60A 160VDC Panel Mount Breaker for XW 1
80A 160VDC Panel Mount Breaker for XW 1
Conext XW+ 5548 Inverter/Charger 1
System Control Panel for XW+ 1
Outback EnergyCell 200NC 178Ah AGM Battery 4
Battery to Inverter Cables,4/0, 10Ft, Pair 1
Electric Shock Hazard / DC Voltage Label 2
Electric Shock Hazard Label 3
Caution: Solar Circuit Label 5 Pack 1
DC Module Rating Label NEC 2011, CC 1
Photovoltaic DC Disconnect Label 1
Warning - Dual Power Source Label 1
Inverter AC Rating Label 1
AC Module Rating Label NEC 2011,Inverter 1
Photovoltaic AC Disconnect Label 1
Clear Over-Laminate for Rating Labels 5
Do Not Relocate PV Breaker Label 1


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