6.3kw residential home solar system with battery backup

Save $5,032.57

The performance of each home solar system will vary greatly based on the location where it is installed. 

Each of these home solar systems is designed to provide you with the main components you will need to equip your home with a grid-tied Solar system that includes a backup battery bank. Solymoly Home Solar Systems include the major components needed for a solar installation. Since each installation is unique, some parts/materials will need to be purchased separately to satisfy the needs of your specific project and local regulations. If you experience frequent power outages but want to keep your connection to the utility grid, one of these systems might be just the thing for you! From premium modules and racking systems to efficient inverters and durable batteries, these packages include high quality, safe components for your solar installation.

Grid-Tied 6.3kW Home Solar System with Battery Back Up Includes:
Part Number Item Description Quantity
Canadian Solar 300 Watt Mono Solar Panel 21
100' H4 Connector Cable
#10 AWG
50' H4 Connector Cable
#10 AWG
15' H4 Connector Cable
#10 AWG
Disconnect Key for Solar Panel Connector Cables 1
IronRidge XR100 Rail, 
14 Feet, Mill Finish
IronRidge XR100 Rail, 
11 Feet, Mill Finish
Solar Panel Cable Clips, PV Wire 25
IronRidge End Cap for XR-100 Rails 6
IronRidge Splice Kit for XR-100 Rails 6
Ironridge Slotted L-Foot for XR Rails (4 Pack) - NO hardware 9
Ironridge Square Bonding Hardware for L-Foot Kit (4 Pack) 9
Ironridge UFO Stopper End Clamp Kit (4 Pack) 3
Ironridge UFO Mid Clamp Kit (4 Pack) 12
IronRidge Grounding Lug w/Hardware, 2pk 2
Midnite Solar MNPV6 Disconnecting Combiner Box 2
1/2" Strain Relief 2 Round Holes/Locknut 9
Midnite Solar 15A Din Rail Breaker, 150VDC 7
Midnite Solar Surge Protection Device - 300V 3
Outback Power Flexmax 60 MPPT Charge Controller 1
Outback Power Flexmax 80 MPPT Charge Controller 1
Outback Power 8000W GS8048A 48V 120/240VAC Radian Inverter 1
Outback Power MATE3s System Controller 1
Outback Power MATE3 Side Mounting Bracket 1
HUB-4 Communication Manager 1
Outback Power 175A Pre-wired GS Load Center 1
Outback Power FlexWare Double Side Mount Bracket 1
Outback EnergyCell 200GH 191Ah AGM Battery 8
Outback Power 2-Shelf Integrated Battery Rack 48V 1
Battery to Inverter Cables,4/0, 10Ft, Pair 1
Electric Shock Hazard / DC Voltage Label 2
Electric Shock Hazard Label 3
Caution: Solar Circuit Label 5 Pack 1
DC Module Rating Label NEC 2011, CC 1
Photovoltaic DC Disconnect Label 1
Warning - Dual Power Source Label 1
Inverter AC Rating Label 1
AC Module Rating Label NEC 2011,Inverter 1
Photovoltaic AC Disconnect Label 1
Clear Over-Laminate for Rating Labels 5
Do Not Relocate PV Breaker Label 1


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