Sma Sunny Boy 3000TL-US Transformerless 3kW Inverter

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Sunny Boy SB3000TL-US-22
3000W, 208/240VAC
Transformerless Grid Tie Inverter w/Secure Power Supply

The Sunny Boy 3000TL-US represents the next step in performance for UL certified inverters. The Sunny Boy 3000TL-US transformerless design means high efficiency and reduced weight. Maximum power production is derived from wide input voltage and operating temperature ranges. Multiple MPP trackers and OptiTrac™ Global Peak mitigate the effect of shade and allow for installation at challenging sites. A unique Secure Power Supply feature provides daytime power even in the event of a grid outage. High performance, flexible design and an innovative feature set make the Sunny Boy TL-US series the first choice among professionals.


  • Industry's only Secure Power Supply provides daytime power in case of grid outage
  • Shade management with unique OptiTrac Global Peak MPP tracking
  • Broad voltage range enables production under a variety of conditions
  • Extended operating temperature range allows for extended daily production
  • Optional ZigBee® connectivity lays the groundwork for integration with future home energy management systems
  • Simplified DC wiring conecpt saves labor and materials
  • Two MPP trackers provide numerous design options for complex roofs
  • Transformerless topology results in ligher weight and higher efficiency
  • Free Sunny Portal monitoring with global access
  • Large informative graphic display for easy viewing
  • Integrated DC disconnect also serves as a Combiner Box - can land 2 PV negative and 2 PV positive wires in there (*only for the 3000TL, 4000TL, and 5000TL)
  • Lightweight, transformerless design


SMA Sunny Boy TL specs

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