Solaredge SE6000H HD Wave Grid Tie Inverter, With Rev Grade Meter

Save $362.25

HD Wave Single Phase Inverters

The new SolarEdge HD-Wave technology inverter is a much smaller and lighter form factor, allowing for one-person installation, and easier/less costly shipping. This was the winner of the 2016 Intersolar award, breaking the mold of traditional inverters. Using advanced digital processing allows the inverters to create a clean high definition wave. This also means less magnetics and heavy cooling elements are needed inside. Additionally, these inverters are hightly efficient - in a class of their own- providing more energy production for an improved ROI on your solar power system.


  • Small and lightweight at under 25 lbs
  • Specifically designed to work with power optimizers
  • Built-in module-level monitoring
  • Highly efficient - 99% CEC weighted efficiency
  • Up to 155% DC/AC oversizing allowed
  • Longer strings (up to 6,000W per string on SE7600H)
  • Integrated Arc Fault protection and Auto-Rapid Shutdown per NEC 2014/2017
  • Faster commissioning with rapid pairing and 4 button touch panel
  • Utilizes thin-film capacitors vs. electrolytic capacitors -minimal heat loss, more reliable
  • Outdoor and indoor installation
  • Standard 12 Year Warranty (extendable to 20 or 25 years - Click Here to purchase Extended Warranty)


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