SolyMoly Battery Backup Kit With Schneider Electric XW+ Inverter/charger

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Solymoly has kitted together the basic system components to add battery backup to your grid-tie system  -in a snap! This kit is for adding to existing grid-tie systems with an inverter up to 6.8kW. It includes the components below, and a wiring schematic, shown here.  Batteries are NOT INCLUDED in this kit.  See add-ons for suggested battery bank options .

Are you losing your power more frequently?  And for longer periods of time?  The concept of "AC Coupling" is the technical term for adding backup power to a grid-tie solar power system. What does this mean exactly?

Well, you need to add a battery-based inverter, a critical loads panel that tells your system everything that's critical that needs to remain 'on' during an outage, and a battery bank to store your power.  See our video above for further details and a great explanation of this concept.

Schneider Electric Conext XW+ 6848 Inverter/Charger
Schneider Electric System Control Panel
Schneider Electric Mini Power Distribution Panel
10Ft Pair 4/0 Battery to Inverter Cable
Battery Interconnect Cable 4/0 13" Red (Qty 1)
Battery Interconnect Cable 4/0 13" Black (Qty 15)
Midnite Solar 300V Surge Protection Device
Crating/packaging of system components

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