Sonnen Eco 10 Batterie Gen 2


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Sonnen Batterie
Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Energy Storage System


The sonnenBatterie Smart Energy Storage System uses Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, the longest-lasting and safest battery chemistry on the market which is superior to other battery chemistries –including Lithium-ion NMC (electric car batteries). With a long lifespan of 10 years / 10,000 cycles and a higher power output per kilowatt hour of storage, the LiFePo4 chemistry is ideal for stationary storage in addition to being more environmentally friendly. sonnen’s best-in-class technology is fully certified to UL standards making it the clear choice in smart energy storage.



  • This is ONLY for sale to SONNEN CERTIFIED INSTALLERS - not available for sale directly to homeowners, or non-qualified contractors and installers. Certification is FREE - it's a 5-6 hour on-site program, at altE.  See your sales rep for details.
  • eco 4 System features 4kW Inverter/Charger and two 2kWh battery modules with accessory kit for installation
  • eco 10 System features 8kW Inverter/Charger and five 2kWh battery modules with accessory kit for installation
  • Additional 2kWh battery modules are available to expand capacity up to 8kWh for the eco 4 and 16kWh for the eco 10


  • All-in-one fully integrated AC Coupled solution works with your existing grid-tie system to add battery backup
  • Grid-tied applications include self-consumption, backup power, time-of-use management
  • Integrated transfer switch automatically turns on when backup power is needed
  • Capacity is 2 kWh per battery module, up to 16 kWh max
  • Modular system allows storage capacity to be easily expandable as power needs increase
  • Does not require ventilation, cooling, or thermal regulation - eliminating the risks of thermal runaway and heat build-up

Certified by ETL to UL9540 Standards - Inverter certified to UL1741, Batteries certified to UL1973

  • Manufactured and engineered in USA
  • 28 Year lifespan with 80% state of charge left at end
  • Fully recylable at end of life
  • 10 Year System Warranty


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