Trojan Sind 06 990 (IND13-6V) Solar Industrial Line-deep-cycle Flooded Battery

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Trojan Battery Company
6V, 708 Ah Solar Industrial Line Flooded Battery
SIND 06 920 (IND13-6V)


Trojans Industrial Line batteries now ship with battery interconnects and terminal caps!

Trojan’s Industrial line of deep-cycle batteries is the Trojan SIND 06 920 Industrial Batterynewest addition to Trojan’s lineage of high-quality flooded batteries. The Industrial line is engineered specifically to support renewable energy systems with large daily loads where the batteries are cycled regularly. These high amp-hour capacity batteries are ideal for use in large off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems, off-grid hybrid PV systems, grid-tied PV systems with battery backup, smart grid peak shifting systems and a variety of other applications. Tested to meet both IEC and BCI standards, the Industrial line features advanced battery technologies that deliver reliable power and is housed in a dual container construction for enhanced battery protection. Trojan’s Industrial line is the perfect combination of performance and function.

Product Specification

Type Capacity Amp-Hours (20-Hr Rate) Voltage Length Width Height Weight (Dry) Weight (Wet)
SIND 06 920 708 AH 6V 22.375" 10.25" 24" 252 lbs. 315 lbs.




The most important characteristic to consider when purchasing a deep-cycle battery for a renewable energy application is cycle life. This is usually measured as the number of discharge/charge cycles the battery can provide before its capacity drops to a specified percentage of its rated capacity (i.e. 50%). Batteries from different manufacturers may have the same capacity and energy content and be similar in weight, but design, materials, process, experience and quality control have a big influence on how long the battery will cycle. When comparing two batteries of equal Ah capacity and cost, a battery capable of 1,000 cycles is effectively half the total life cost of one that is only capable of 500 cycles.

Trojan Cycle Life Chart

Trojan Battery Company

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