Xantrex Freedom HFS 1000W 12V 55AInverter/charger

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Xantrex Freedom HFS Inverter/Chargers

Another affordable solution from Xantrex. The Freedom HFS Inverter/Charger has everything the Freedom Xi Inverters have, as well as a 55A multi-stage battery charger built in. It will charge a dead battery from zero volts! The programmable smart battery management maximizes system performance, by conserving power, while always making sure the batteries are fully charged. This is a great power management device for anyone using a 12V system. Additionally, the charge rate is configurable from 5A to 55A, so you can set the battery charger for a lower max current if you have a smaller battery bank. It is pre-set for use with lead acid battery technology - flooded, AGM, or Gel - but also has a custom battery setting for use w/LIon battery systems or other specialty batteries with unique charging parameters.


  • Available in 2 models: 1000 watts or 2000 watts true sinewave output
  • Powerful fast charging 55 amp, 12 Vdc multi-stage battery charger
  • Internal automatic transfer switch transitions power from an AC source (ie. shore power) to DC source (ie. battery storage) within a fraction of a second. And then switches back when AC power is detected stable again.
  • Detachable display panel displays inverter status and battery status information on the screen. The panel can be removed and mounted on a wall or other location for easier access and system monitoring.
  • Two GFCI receptacles on the front, during inverter mode, provide 1000 watts or 2000 watts of power to operate AC devices (ie. Generator)
  • High (2X) surge capability allows you to handle hard-to-start loads, such as TVs and refrigerators
  • Cold temperature performance down to - 20°C for the harsh winter environments
  • Quality, reliability and safety measures meet stringent CSA and UL458 with marine supplement standard
  • Configurable ignition control that helps to minimize battery drain. Ignition lockout stops the inverter from operating in the absence of a voltage signal, from the vehicle's ignition. And then the auto-on simply turns the inverter on and off when the ignition is engaged/disengaged.
  • Dead battery charging down to 0 Vdc
  • Quick connect AC terminal block for fast and reliable installation
  • Programmable Smart Battery Management logic to facilitate extended battery use & life
  • Overload, over temperature, under/over voltage protection
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Tips on location of the Freedom HFS Inverter/Charger:

  • Dry: Do not mount the Freedom HFS in an area subject to splashing water or bilge water
  • Cool: A cooler temperature is better, ideally between 32°F and 104°F
  • Ventilated: For ideal air flow, allow at least 5 inches of clearance at the DC end of the inverter, 1 inch on each side, and 2 inches on the AC end
  • Safe area: Do not install in the same compartment as batteries, or where the gasoline containers are - harmful gases and acid is not good for the inverter
  • Good proximity: To the battery compartment and the AC source, to avoid excessive cable lengths (which reduce input and output power due to wire resistance)

    Inverter Specs: HFS 1055 HFS 2055
    Output power (continuous) 1000 W (up to 40°C) 2000 W (up to 25°C)
    Surge Rating 2000 W 4000 W
    Output Current (continuous) 8.3 A 16.9 A
    Output Voltage Range 110 - 125 Vac
    Output Frequency Regulation 60 Hz
    Output Wave Form Pure sine wave
    Efficiency (full load) >82%
    Peak Efficiency 87%
    Operating Voltage Range 10.5 – 16.5 Vdc
    Charger Specs: HFS 1055 HFS 2055
    Charge Rate 55 A
    AC Input Operating Voltage Range 95 - 130 Vac
    AC Transfer Relay 30 A
    Transfer Time < 40 ms
    Nominal Battery Voltage 12 Vdc
    AC Input (max charge) 16 A
    Battery Charge Outputs 1
    AC Receptacles 15 A GFCI 20 A GFCI
    General Specifications: HFS 1055 HFS 2055
    Shipping Weight 13.9 lbs/ 6.3 kg 17.3 lbs/ 7.8 kg
    Shipping Dimensions 13.9 x 11.3 x 22 in
    Remote Operation Detachable Display (then run phone cable from inverter)
    Operating temperature range -4°F - 122°F (-20°C - 50°C)
    Warranty 2 Years
    Safety Certifications ETL listed to CSA Standard C22.2 No. 107.1, UL458 with marine supplement


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